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Microfiber Ultra-Soft Makeup Removing Towels

Say goodbye to your old butt towels (they're actually WAY too abrasive on the skin)... These luxuriously soft microfiber towels are gentle and super soft! They can be used alone or with your cleanser for an extra deep clean! 

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If you’ve been using your regular body or hand towels during or after cleansing, sorry to break it to you… You’ve been doing it wrong! These skin cleansing towels are an essential addition to your skincare routine. 

They can be used alone (hello chemical-free cleansing) but also with your favourite skin cleanser. Their super soft microfibres will remove makeup, oils and toxins from your face. Your skin will be lightly buffed and prepped for optimal absorption of creams and lotions. 

Ideal for all skin types, but perfect for sensitive, mature, irritated, acne-prone or even, problem-free skin!

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How to Use

-Use with or without your cleanser of choice for a deep clean.

-Easy to maintain, simply toss in the washing machine with your favourite gentle detergent. Hang to dry for the longest life.


100% polyester